Here’s How You Can Own a Tesla Living in an Apartment

Electric vehicles are not just reserved for homeowners

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Electric vehicles are the way of the future. Within the past five years, we are starting to see many companies take fully electric vehicles (EV) seriously. Companies like Nissan, BMW, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and even Porsche have rolled out their version of a fully electric car. With the increase in popularity of electric vehicles, companies are racing to get into the market.

A study published in Nature Climate Change concluded that for us to meet the goals of climate mitigation targets, 90% of all light-duty cars must be electric by 2050.

Even though many companies are producing electric vehicles, they still lack certain assets that make people not want to buy them. Most of them do not have a stylish design, an affordable price, seamless integration, and do not think outside of the box. What these companies fall short of, Tesla has.

Tesla has become a billion-dollar company based on their fully electric vehicles. In 2008, Tesla released their first-ever product which was the Tesla Roadster. This was one of the first fully electric cars that were designed to compete against luxury sports cars. From then on they have developed a master plan to target luxury vehicles and all the way down to affordable vehicles. Their cars encompass features of the future like self-driving, an incredible range, stylish design, practicality, and a price market for everyone. When you think of an electric vehicle, you think of Tesla.

Most of the time, to charge an electric vehicle, they are dependent on an outlet inside of your garage, a wall unit attached to your house, or public EV chargers. Tesla has done a great job at implement superchargers all around the United States. These superchargers are Tesla’s electric vehicle charging stations that can charge your car fully in 20–30 minutes. There has also been an increase in EVgo charging stations that charge a plethora of electric vehicles.

Photo by Tesla

While being in the market for a new car, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are certainly top contenders. The issue that I and many other people have encountered is: because I live in an apartment, how will I charge the car? What I have learned through many different articles is it is possible to own a Tesla while living in an apartment.

These are a views tips to keep in mind if you can not charge your Tesla at home.

Get The Right Tesla

Depending on what vehicle you get, Tesla’s can last anywhere from 250–520 miles on a single charge. With the release of Tesla’s redesigned Model X and S, I am sure you will not find yourself worrying about miles. You could get away with charging your Tesla once a week at a supercharger. Realistically, I and many other people just drive to work and back throughout the week. I probably drive 150–200 miles a week and if I even choose the baseline Model 3, with the smallest battery, I would still have some miles left over. While researching what Tesla to buy, the battery size should be a big determining factor if you living in an apartment.

EV Charger Apps

One of the most convenient ways to find Tesla Superchargers or EV charges is through an app called PlugShare. This app tells you the closest chargers and also shows you public wall outlets that you can plug your own charger into. The Tesla website also shows you the nearest supercharger in your area. Using these two tools can save you so much time and really help you if you are running low on miles. It can help you navigate your trip so you are not finding yourself always looking for a charger. On a big road trip, these items will help you stay efficient.

Ask To Install a Charger

If you live inside a co-op, apartment complex, or two-family house, try asking them to install a wall charger. From articles I have read, it seems like most apartment complexes are willing to provide this service for you. Within a couple of years anyway, most places will probably be required to have a charging station. There are also articles that explain how to go about asking your landlord. This particular article gives detailed information on what your landlord might ask you and how to go about the conversation.

Also, if you work for a big corporation, try asking for an EV charger to be put in your parking lot. Tesla has been known to install designated charging stations at businesses, hotels, and restaurants for free. Even if your company ends up having to pay for it, they might be able to take part in various tax incentives

Overall, it is possible to own a Tesla while living in an apartment. By keeping a few of these tips in mind, I do not think you will ever be in a situation where you are running low on miles. Tesla and other electric vehicles are cars of the future.

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